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  Antelope Hunting

Applications for antelope licenses must be in to Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks by June 1.
Call or e-mail for info about which areas your odds of drawing are best in.

If you haven't done much big game hunting, or are just looking to experience a western hunt without busting your budget, an antelope hunt is a great alternative.  It's not some kind of second-rate hunt by any means, hunting these prairie speedsters is a blast.  Not only is the cost a fraction of what you'd pay for an elk/deer combo hunt; you're virtuallyMontana antelope assured of seeing lots of game and your odds of going home with an animal are very high.  Many of the outfitters we represent run close to 100% success on speed goats.  Of course, if you are an experienced hunter, you'll still find an antelope hunt a delightful change of pace from the lung and thigh-busting exertion you're likely to encounter on most elk hunts.  You may still do a lot of walking, but the country is quite gentle in comparison, and crawling through the sagebrush is easier than climbing through the deadfall by any estimation.  Most Montana antelope bucks taken will be in the 13"-14" range, but there's always the possibility for something bigger.  A couple of the outfitters we represent carefully manage for trophy potential on their leases and offer a realistic chance at a braggin' size antelope that exceeds the Boone & Crockett Club minimums for record book entry.
  • This outfitter has access to 35,000 acres of private land thatLook at the horn length on this one... supports a healthy population of good antelope bucks, some in the record class.  It's also in a hunting district with better non-resident drawing odds than most.  Lodging is in a house on the ranch. A four day hunt, with three full days of hunting time runs $1550, 2 X 1. Hunt dates are from 10/10-22.

  • 100% success over 17 years, with many  trophy-class antelopeA top Montana antelope taken with archery gear taken attest to the quality of hunting this outfitter offers.  Both archery and rifle hunts are offered.   Lodging is in mobile homes on their ranch, with hunting taking place on vast acreages of their own and leased land.  Three day, 2 X 1 hunts cost $1600, with 1 X 1 an extra $500.

  • These 4-day archery or 3-day rifle antelope hunts take place in central Montana, in an area with 90+% non-resident drawing odds. Both are a bargain at $1200, and various combinations for deer and/or elk can be added (see our deer hunt page). Hunts originate from a comfortable base camp in the Big Snowies, and take place on over 40,000 acres of primarily private land with very limited hunting pressure. Camp will accomodate up to eight hunters, but groups of six or more will have an exclusive booking with only your group.

  • This is one of the top trophy muley and antelope operations you'llA big Montana antelope buck brought into bow range with a decoy find anywhere.  They operate on leased private land with excellent antelope populations, and manage for trophy quality with a very limited harvest every year.  While many of their antelope are taken with a rifle, they are one of the only outfitters we know of who specialize in bowhunting antelope.  This is done from waterhole blinds, or for a real thrill, by decoying the bucks during the rut.  Frequently, bucks can be brought to within fifteen to twenty yards of the decoy!  If that doesn't get your adrenaline going, you're beyond help!!  A four-day hunt, with accommodations in a deluxe lodge, costs $1500, which also includes opportunities for bird and varmint hunting or fishing.
  • This hunt in the Missouri Breaks vicinity also offers good archery opportunities.   Archery antelope tags are issued on an unlimitedA nice Breaks pronghorn basis, but this area also has better non-resident rifle drawing tags than much of eastern MT.  P & Y class antelope are taken with regularity.  Three-day hunts are $1200, which also include upland bird hunting.  Plus, antelope can be added to a deer hunt for only an additional $500, which includes two additional days of hunting.



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