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Deer Hunting

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Your non-resident license application needs to be in by March 15
Application forms are available from the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks website.

I.gif (879 bytes)t's said that a trophy mule deer is the most difficult trophy to collect these days.  Here at Cowboy Heaven Consulting, hunting big muleys is a special passion of ours, and we've spent many years in pursuit of those mossy-horned bruisers.  In the process we've learned a great deal about where to find those big guys, and perhaps moreso, where you're not likely to find them.  The majority of elk hunts offered in western MT are promoted as combination hunts, with deer also a possibility.  With a few exceptions, which tend to be toward the upper end of the price scale, your odds of killing a seriously large deer in the same areas you'll be elk hunting just aren't too great.  On most of the elk hunts we offer, the possibility for a 22-24" mule deer scoring in the 150 Boone & Crockett point range are at least reasonable, but if you're looking for a genuine trophy deer in the 180-200+ B & C range, for all practical purposes you should dedicate a hunt just for that.  There's a handful of deer of that caliber in some parts of western MT, but for a host of reasons that even professional biologists don't agree on, while elk populations are exploding in the west, mule deer are in decline in many regions.   Not everywhere, though!!  We are familiar with regions in eastern MT that consistently produce trophy bucks, with awesome trophies over 200 B & C taken nearly every year.  For instance, checkThe muley of a lifetime out the adjacent photo of my buck taken in 1998.  He's perhaps the trophy of a lifetime, 29 6/8" wide, with a net B & C non-typical score of 205 7/8.  He's an exceptional buck, but we represent outfitters who average around 175 B & C points, and provide a realistic chance at one of those 195-200+ B & C  brutes.  We feel that eastern MT is vastly underrated as a trophy mule deer destination.  Most people seem to gravitate toward states like Arizona, Utah, and Nevada, but you're facing long drawing odds to get a permit in those states.  In Montana, you can hunt big mule deer every year if you desire!  And we do!!
While mule deer are our special passion, Montana also offers some outstanding whitetail deer hunting.  We're familiar with areas where there's potential for a mind-boggling 200 point whitetail, although you certainly can't plan on coming home with one of that caliber.  A whitetail in the 150 point range is a good possibility, though.   Plus, Montana offers one of the longest hunting seasons anywhere, a full six weeks of archery and five weeks of rifle season.  So, let's go deer hunting.....

Warning:  These hunts book up real fast, with a high proportion of returning clients.  That's the kind of operation you want to go with, obviously, so plan ahead and book early!!

  • This is the operation we mentioned earlier that averaged an incredible 185 B & C points.  Alas, due to drought that number has slipped a few notches the last two years (but this outfitter and the adjacent one below are still taking muleys that compare real favorably with any in the west).  It consists of several private ranches in eastern Montana, including one that has a long-standingMontana trophy mule deer reputation as the place in Montana to kill a Boone & Crockett class muley.  The outfitter is absolutely top-notch, and takes his game management seriously.  In fact, he is retained as a wildlife management consultant by several of the premier trophy hunting ranches throughout the west.  Harvests are strictly limited, and adjusted from year to year as necessary to maximize trophy potential.  You simply won't find a higher quality operation anywhere, at any price.   These hunts are in high demand and book up fast, so don't delay if a giant muley is high on your list.  $4750-$5800, depending on ranch and time of season.

  • We talk to a lot of people in our research, and this outfitter's nameA trophy southeast Montana muley kept coming up in muley discussions with our sources.  Not only do their clients collect some of the biggest deer taken statewide every season, but even some of his outfitter peers say he's perhaps the best hunter amongst them. An average score of 175 B&C for 2003 speaks for itself. These are combination hunts; after you get your deer you can hunt turkeys, upland birds, varmints, or go fishing.  We're thrilled to be offering these hunts, as well as his Bighorn river fishing trips and varmint hunts.  Accomodations are at a deluxe lodge, with hunting taking place on carefully managed private land that offer an excellent chance for a wallhanger muley.   Five-day hunts cost $4000 1 X 1, $3500 2 X 1.
  • This operation has maintained at or very near 100% success for over 16 years now, and consistently take trophy class deer. Eastern Montana trophy mule deer Hunting takes place on vast tracts of private land; their own ranch as well as leased property of neighbors in the Powder River basin.  Combination hunts the first two weeks of the season provide excellent chances for both deer and antelope, as well as Merriam's turkeys, upland birds, and varmints.  The final three weeks of the season are primarily deer hunts during the peak rut, although opportunities for birds and varmints are also available.  The cost for both the combination and the trophy deer hunts are $3000 2 X 1 for a five-day hunt.   1 X 1 is an extra $700.

  • Everybody should experience a hunting trip in the famous Missouri Breaks, and who knows, it could prove habit forming.  This is oneA dandy Montana whitetail of, if not the, top outfitter in the Breaks.  Fourth-generation working ranch family hosts a wide variety of hunting & fishing opportunities, but we're mainly talking deer at the moment, so.... This is one operation that also has superb whitetail hunting.  20,000 acres of private land, plus a staggering amount of BLM, A nice Breaks muleyC.M. Russell Wildlife Refuge, and other public lands provide near-limitless opportunity, and consequently they have run within spitting distance of 100% success for a real long time now.  Modern accomodations are available at the ranch, and a mobile camp trailer provides flexibility.  Cost is $2700 for a fully guided 5-day hunt.   You can add two additional days and make it an antelope combo for an additional $500.

  • New for '04, we're tickled to be offering hunts with another very highly regarded Missouri Breaks outfitter. The Breaks are producing some dandy mulies again, and this outfitter also really shines on whitetails, not to mention antelope and archery elk. 100% opportunity on deer and antelope since 1991, with 97% capitalizing on that opportunity, speaks for itself. 5-day archery deer hunts start at $2250, and you can add antelope and elk (unlimited licenses available on both) in every possible combination. 5-day rifle mule deer hunts are $2750, with very limited availability high-end whitetail rifle hunts for $3500. Antelope can be added as a combo to the rifle hunts for an additional $500. Lodging varies with the hunt, and ranges from fully furnished cabins to camper trailers and wall tents. High game densities, 4X4 accessibility, spot and stalk cover, experienced local guides, and the Break's proven record for trophy production put this one on the short list.

  • These archery or rifle hunts take place in the Big Snowy Mountains of central Montana, on over 40,000 acres of primarily private land. Success rates have run from 85 to 100%, over a twenty-plus year period. Hunting methods cover the spectrum of rattling, calling, still hunting, spot & stalk, and tree stands, depending on season and species.. This hunt is priced very reasonably at $2300 for a 5-day rifle deer hunt. Add a day and make it a deer/antelope combo (90%+ non-resident antelope drawing odds in this area) for only $2650. 6-day archery deer hunts are $1800, 7-day archery deer/antelope combo $2200, 6-day archery deer/elk combo $2750, or archery hunt all three species; 9 days for $3600.



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